God has allowed us to start many different ministries in our region of Kenya.  And it is our goal to get every local church involved in some of the following ministries:

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Church Planting
We are church planting missionaries; and we strive to plant indigenous Baptist churches that are self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating. God has allowed us and some of our College graduates to start 18 such churches since we arrived in Kenya in 1999.

We believe that the purpose that God has given us (as Christians) in the “Great Commission” is to witness and...

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South Nyanza Baptist College
II Timothy 2:2 exhorts us to “...teach men who shall be able to teach others also.”  God has given us the desire to train men and women to be pastors, pastor’s wives, and various church leaders in their local churches.  South Nyanza Baptist College was started in 2001, and on December 6, 2008, we held our 3rd Graduation.

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Bible Studies
In order to find out a good area to start a church and to help train students to be busy in teaching the Word of God; we hold Bible studies in homes near an area where we want to start a church.  It produces mature Christians to help start a church at the right time and place.

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Prison Ministry
Preaching in the prisons is a desire that was given to me through my father-in-law, Dr. Robert Keeton, who has been serving with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry for more than twenty-five years.  We were able to begin this ministry in 2001, and we have seen countless souls saved.

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Ladies' Ministry
We have a very active Ladies’ Ministry which includes: weekly and monthly Bible study meetings, Retreats, teachers’ training classes, and lots of fun and fellowship!  Please take time to check out what is happening in the lives of our Ladies.

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Youth Ministry
With 1/2 of the population under 15 years of age, it is very important that we reach the next generation with the Gospel of Christ.  We have Vacation Bible Schools, Youth Camps, and we also preach in the local public schools.

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Bible Correspondence School
We have a desire to teach anyone in our fellowship churches under the leadership of their pastor. This helps the students be ready to make the commitment to come to Bible College to learn more.

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Evangelistic Ministry
In areas where churches need to grow, or when we start new churches; we pass out tracts, preach in the markets and village centers to draw people under the preaching of the Word. We show the “Jesus Film” in the local languages, and the results are astounding.

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Orphan Ministry
You can help change the world for a child in the Nyanza Province of Kenya through monthly sponsorships. Orphaned by disease, poverty, or abandonment, these children have experienced more grief in their short lives than you or I can imagine; but they are precious to the heart of God. Many people want to help but feel unsure of where to begin. Your sponsorship will immediately impact the life of a child!