Bethel Baptist Church
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We started this church on April 27, 2008, with Pastor Walter Andere who has graduated from our Bible College. This church has started under the leadership and mission’s program of Calvary Baptist Church in Kisii town. Seven people were baptized and 2 saved on the opening day of this church. There are two other graduates who are assisting the pastor in the work of the church, and the church had 5 new students begin in our Bible College in 2008.

The church is trying to start renting a plot to grow sugar cane to make a profit, to buy their own land, and to build their own building. This church has a strong desire to be indigenous.

Pastor Walter Andere has a desire to serve the Lord, and it is evident in his preaching and services. He has God’s power on him, and I am sure that God will use him greatly.

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