Nyarenda Bible Baptist Church
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We started this church in July of 2004 when my parents, Richard and Patricia Shelby, came to visit with us.  The church was started after more than a year of Pastor Amos Barongo teaching them in a Bible Study or Mission.   This area has become very calloused for the gospel, but this church is holding its own.   Many churches and foreigners have visited this area, and whenever they pass out tracts they put money in them to ensure that they get a big crowd on the days that these visitors are there.

This church has built their own building with a little help from us for the roofing.  They are doing well in many areas of the church ministries, even though they are pretty far off the beaten path.  They are maturing in many areas of the ministry, and we will be organizing this church soon.  They are a very good example of an indigenous church.

Pastor Amos and another man have finished Bible College, and they have a desire to train others.  The church has five new students (who started in 2008) in our Bible college.  Pastor Amos is also teaching Swahili classes in our Bible College.

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