Rongo Bible Baptist Church
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We started this church in October 2001 in an old butchery storefront building.  After a few months we had to move to a bigger room.  In 2003, we bought a piece of property on the opposite side of the main road and put up a tent.  The church was organized by my pastor, Dr. Mike Files, in January 2004.  The church chose Pastor Joseph Njega to be their pastor.  The church was having an attendance of 120-150 up through 2005 when some major decisions were made and passed by a few.  Many people left the church during the time while we were on furlough.  By the time we returned from furlough the attendance was down to 15, and then some of the matters were brought before a court by the pastor.

The church experienced growthin 2009 under the leadership of Intern Pastor, Bismack Osee.  Pastor Bismack has now been transferred to another city by his job.  The church is averaging 30, and it is being led by a few faithful men.  Please pray for this church to continue to make decisions based on God’s Word.

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