Calvary Baptist Church Kisii
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The Beginning:

We started this new church on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007, with 101 in attendance.  We began the church on the property of a previous Baptist Church that had closed down a month before that was started by another missionary.  The church agreed to close down and to allow me to use the property to start a new church with the remaining willing members.  All members were not willing; but God has enabled us to go through the transition stages of how people see the church publicly, and He has helped us to have many join the church from many other areas of the town.

I am currently the pastor of this church I am currently the pastor of this church, because it is in the biggest city in our region, and we have hopes of starting many ministries out of this church.  We are already involved in the Kisii prisons, schools, and other local church ministries.  We pray that God will enable this church to send out its own people to the many different villages around Kisii town and start local independent Baptist Churches that will preach that many will be saved and taught the Word of God.  We are also planning for this church to be the base for the Bible College and other ministries that we have already started in other villages.

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