Glory Bible Baptist Church
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This church is under the leadership of Pastor Richard Gesanda. He is a student at Rift Valley Baptist College in Nakuru. He was working with a former Missionary, Scott Hall, but has now joined with us since the Hall’s returned to the USA. We were able to build a strong relationship with Pastor Richard during the election violence in early 2008. His house was burned down; and he fled the area back to Kisii with his wife, Rebekah, and five children. We helped to encourage him and his wife, by providing some clothing, food, and assisting to build him a house to live in.

Our church grew very close with this family, and it is evident that they are called of God to do His work. He was busy in every aspect of the church here, several of his cousins and other family members came to the church and were saved. But when things calmed down (mid-September 2008) they moved the little bit that they had back to the town of Kuresoi to start all over again. They are renting a house and soon they will need to build their house. The church has been revived; and he has a great testimony to the people around him, because of his commitment to return to the work of the church. Many have been saved since his return, and the church is growing immensely.

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