Prison Ministry
Preaching in the prisons is a desire that was given to me through my father-in-law, Dr. Robert Keeton, who has been serving with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry for more than twenty years.  We were able to begin this ministry in 2001, and we have seen countless souls saved.

There are four towns in our region that we have access to enter into their prisons and preach the gospel every month.

Kisii Prison – 1400 men – 100 women.  We are currently preaching to a group of 200 men and 100 women in separate services twice a month.  These inmates are those that are already condemned with prison sentences.  There is a small group of 11 that are currently involved in an intense Bible Study.  This Bible study program is a “big brother” discipleship program that we pray will bring slow but great lasting results where the mature inmates can help the other inmates learn the Bible.  We are able to preach to only about 1/3 of those that are condemned at a time because of their work schedule in the prison’s compound.  Then there is a group of 800 remandees, that are still waiting for their offense to be mentioned or finished in court, that we are able to preach to in one big service a month.

God has allowed us to see 237 saved this year in the Kisii prison; and more programs to the officers and their families, who all live on the prison compound, are opening up to us.  Pastor Charles Ogori from Imani Bible Baptist Church in Mosocho is assisting me with other men from our church at Calvary Baptist Church in town.

Migori – 300 inmates – all men.  We have been in this prison several times in the past and we have seen many saved; but recently because of election violence, we have only been able to preach in this prison once.  And 9 men came to know Christ as their personal savior.  This is a smaller prison, and it is further from all of our churches; so we are only able to go in to preach to them once a month.  We started in September 2008, and Pastor Walter Andere and Pastor Bismack Osee assist in the meetings.  We pray that we can get some of the programs running like we do in Kisii.  There are already other missionaries that are ministering in Migori, and there is also a big muslim influence that hinders some of the programming.

Homa Bay – 400 inmates – all men. We have been in this prison several times in the past, and we have seen many saved.  But recently, because of election violence, we were not able to go there in 2008.

Kericho -   We were recently given the opportunity to visit and preach in this prison; but since the election violence, we have not had the chance to preach there again..

They are in the process of building another prison in the town of Nyamira, and there is also a juvenile detention school near our area that I am trying to get into.  Please keep these ministries in your prayers.