Calvary Baptist Church - Kisii Town

Calvary Baptist Church's theme for 2009 is "Church in Action."   Whether it is "Men in Action," Women in Action," "Witnessing in Action," or "Forgiveness in Action;" we are trying to get everyone in the church involved in something.  The month of February is "Love in Action" month.  We have been having Bible Study lessons and preaching on "Love."  Love is not something the average Kenyan knows anything about; at least not the Biblical meaning of love.  So, it has been very interesting to see our people trying out some new (to them) life lessons.  The Sunday School hour has been devoted to the "husband and wife relationship;" and after only the 2nd week, we have already seen some changes in a few families!  Everyone is talking about love in the home, and we are excited to see how God is going to continue to work in the lives of our people over these next few weeks.  Please pray that every couple will take this month's teachings to heart, and then start putting them to use in their own homes.
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