Ladies’ Retreat at Camp Lukenya!

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Ladies' Retreat at Camp Lukenya! There were 147 ladies from 13 Independent Baptist Churches represented at the meeting!

We want to thank everyone who prayed for our safety while we made the 9 hour trip to the camp on Saturday and for our return trip to Kisii on Tuesday. The Lord blessed, and we made the entire trip without difficulty! Thank you for your prayers!

Our ladies and I truly enjoyed our time together and enjoyed getting to fellowship with other Christian Women of like faith. All of the sessions were centered on the thought, "Experiencing Daily Joy!" Each speaker did an excellent job. We all learned so many things while we were away, and we would like you to pray with us, that each of will take these truths from the Bible and put them to work in each of our daily lives. Each of our ladies came away with something different, that God had spoken specifically to them about. And I will have some of them share their testimonies with you soon.

(10 of us from Calvary BC, Kisii went to the Retreat. 1 lady is missing from the picture above. But from left to right they are: Ferister, Rose, Jackline, Alice, Tonya Shelby, Milka, Jane O., Joseph [child], Robinah, and Jane W.)

Of the 10 of us, 8 of our husbands are saved and faithful in church; but there are 2 of our ladies whose husbands are not saved. Please pray that their husbands will be able to see such a change in these ladies lives that they would desire to have a relationship with Christ themselves. Please pray with us that Geoffrey and Josiah will be saved soon. This is great burden on our hearts, and we believe that if we join together in prayer—God will hear and answer that prayer!

Thank you so much for praying for our trip!

May God richly bless each of you,

~Tonya Shelby

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