Political situation (2/2/18)

As far as the political situation...things are beginning to escalate in areas of Nairobi. But most was not too bad today. The opposition is threatening to increase protests & have ordered their soldiers (not sure exactly who those are?? Maybe the youths they have been using to destroy property, loot businesses, & stone cars??) to go from to every house & place of Business & remove the current President’s pictures & burn them. Then they will replace them with the opposition leader’s picture instead.

In statements today at the funeral (held in the opposition’s area) we were told that they plan to make every Kenyan choose which country they will be a part of the Republic of Kenya or the Central Republic of Kenya by June.

So this is not going to be a short process or something that can just be swept under the rug & forgotten. Things will most likely get worse each week at least for a while.
Please pray for Luke & a couple of our Pastors who will be traveling into the opposition’s stronghold area to check on one of our churches & our orphanage. Due to the safety concerns, our children & I will remain in Kisii this time.
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