January 2016 Prayer Letter

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Prayer Supporters and Friends, January 2016

Happy New Year 2016. It is a blessing to be a part of the work of the Lord in this present time. There are so many opportunities that have never been available before, as well as resources and co-laborers in the the Lord’s work to see souls saved and churches grounded in the truth. The Lord has given us a full schedule with over 40 churches to be in this year before we return to the field in May 2016. Please pray for traveling safety.

Thank you for your prayers for Abigail and Breanne as they have finished their first semester in Bible College. They are doing well, and we had a good time with them over the Christmas break. They were on a mission’s trip to the Dominican Republic for 10 days at the beginning of January. We feel that they have adjusted well with school, work, and church ministries here in the USA.

As we are preparing to finish our furlough, we are needing to raise the finances to purchase these things as soon as we get to the field:
1. Refrigerator $1,500
2. Photocopier $1,500
3. Vehicle $25,000

We also have the need for these church projects when we return to Kenya:
1. Calvary Baptist Church- Kisii (20'x35' extension) $5,000

  1. Bible Baptist Church- Rongo (25'x50' church building) $5,000

  2. Glory Bible Baptist Church- Kuresoi (25'x50' Church Building with rooms for 20 orphans in the back) $8,000

4. College/school building in Kisii (20'x50 three story building) $22,000

Using bricks to represent the above building projects, it brings the basic expenses to $1 per brick. So we are needing to raise money to buy
40,000 bricks! How many would you like to buy? We are depending on you to give towards these projects in order to help us accomplish these goals when we return to Kenya.

We are looking forward to the growth of the ministry in the next few years, as we have had over 25 graduates of our Bible College over the last two years; and we are excited about the places where God is using them and calling them to serve Him in the villages around us.

Thank you for being partners with us in the ministry,

For Souls in Kenya,
Luke and Tonya Shelby

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