May – June 2010 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Friends,                                                                                 May–June 2010

We want to thank you for your prayers for our family. We arrived safely, and we have been able to spend some time with our families. We have most of our schedule booked, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you while we are travelling.

We have made new prayer cards, our DVD presentation and copies, and display, so we are now prepared for our furlough travels. We will be getting new packets sent to all of our supporting churches, that we will not be visiting during this furlough, so please be looking for that package in the next few weeks.

God has blessed us with a 2000 GMC van from a good missionary, friend that we have known for several years. God blessed him with the van, and he passed it on to us. It is good and comfortable for everyone to travel; and we thank God for providing this for us, so we can travel as a family for most of the time that we are here.

The works in Kenya are doing well, and we have been able to be in better contact with them than in the past because of better technology there now in some areas. God has been blessing, the attendance is doing well, and people are continuing to be reached with the Gospel. At this point in our ministry God has blessed with 18 churches being started, since we began working in the Kisii area. And over 6,000 have come to know Christ, through all of the ministries, over the last 11 years of living and working in Kenya. We thank you for your prayers and support that has made all of this possible. God bless you!

Please pray that God would help us get into some churches for new support. We have lost support from 10 churches due to the economy situation and church closures; and so right now we only have 65% of our work support, and we need to raise the remaining 35% which amounts to $1,500 a month support. This support is set apart for work funds only to use in the following ways each month:

? South Nyanza Baptist College     $500

? Church Planting and building         $500

? Bible Study materials         $200

? Orphan care                 $300


We have already had several meetings, and we have a calendar available on our website (, so that anyone who wants to keep up with our meetings and progress while we are on furlough is able to do so.

Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministries.

Luke and Tonya Shelby

Missionaries in Kenya

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