Spending Time with a Good Friend

The series of blog post that you will see over the coming weeks will show a current date, but due to the FULL schedule that we have had since arriving back in Kenya; we have not had time to post regular blog updates. We do apologize for that! We will post the date at the top of each of these new posts showing when the event(s) took place.

June 2, 2016


Our first night back in Kenya, we got to the guest house for the night and guess who we saw? Pastor Tim Whitfield! He was formerly a missionary in both Kenya and Tanzania, and both he and his wife have had a great impact on our lives through the years. It was good to see him and get to visit with him. He was on his way to Mwanza, Tanzania, so he traveled to our house and stayed through the weekend to preach for us at our church in Kisii Town before heading on to Mwanza. It was really good to see him again and talk about all that we have both been able to see the Lord do in the hearts and lives of the Kenyan and Tanzanian people.

What a mighty God we serve!
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