March 5, 2013 - Update/Kenyan Elections

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Dear Praying Friends and Family,

We are doing well, and we want to say thank you to all who have been praying for our family and for the country of Kenya during the election process. Yesterday, Monday, March 4th, the Kenyan people turned out in very large numbers to cast their votes. There were some some places where there was some violence (Mombasa/Coast Province, Northeastern Province, and in the town of Kisumu), there were over 20 people hospitalized after being trampled, and 15 people were killed (police officers and some of their attackers). But our area of Kisii has remained peaceful and very quiet.

The vote counting began last night (March 4th) around 5 PM, and is still continuing today. The government has said that they will announce the new President today, but they are unable to give an estimated time. They have had some difficulties with their electronic equipment for sending the counts to the main tallying center in Nairobi, and so there are only about 30% of the polling stations which have been reported. So it looks like we still have a ways to go!

In 2007, it was the actual announcement of the President that sparked the violence, so please continue to make this a matter of prayer. The candidate that lost during the 2007 elections and caused much of the violence, is currently losing again. So please be in much prayer.

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Thank you in advance for your prayers for our family and the country of Kenya during this time.

Serving Him in Kenya,

Luke & Tonya Shelby
Your Missionaries in Kenya
Numbers 6:24
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