April – June Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Supporters,                                April—June 2009


Hello from Kisii, Kenya. This year, God has continued to give us renewed strength and opened opportunities for us to serve Him, and we thank you for your prayers for our family and ministries. Please visit us at our website www.shelbysinkenya.org to see a full view of our ministries as well as our schedule of events. Please subscribe to our blog post for more frequent updates. God bless you.


Alaro Orphanage Project

Please pray for a new orphanage project that we are starting to develop. We are still trying to get the legalities in place for the property and the government regulations. About two acres have been donated with another five acres that are available if the need for the project will require more land. At this point there are 12 orphans and a school with about 70 students. We are working with a Baptist Church in Germany and a national of the area who is trying to get the project off the ground. The project is an hour's drive from Kisii; and we have started a Bible Study in this village, to teach basic Bible Doctrines with the desire to start a church.


Prison Ministry

Our prison ministry is continuing well, and there have been 157 saved in the last two months. More than 25 have become part of our correspondence Bible Study Program, with several already finishing. This is a panoramic view of over 500 inmates that we get to preach to every other week. There are 10 students and pastors who are taking part in this ministry.









We will be having some visitors this summer to assist in the work with us. Please pray that God will show them His will for their lives. Shauna is a single teacher who will be with us for a month, and she will assist us in Vacation Bible Schools, the orphanage, and other youth ministries. Also please pray for Kenneth and Kristy Ralph as they are finishing up their deputation. They should be arriving in September to assist us in the ministry. Please pray that they get the support that they need this summer to wrap up their deputation soon.


Other Prayer Requests and Needs

Land in Kisii—$4,000 remaining        Photocopier—$1,500                New Vehicle

Calvary Baptist Church            South Nyanza Baptist College            National Pastors


For souls in Kisii,

Luke and Tonya Shelby

Missionaries in Kenya


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