Prayer Letter April 2010

Dear Supporters and Friends,                                                    April 2010

We thank you for the opportunity to serve our Lord on your behalf in the country of Kenya. As we are preparing for furlough, we are preparing to contact everyone personally during the next six months. We will be getting on the plane in Nairobi, Kenya on May 5th and arriving in the USA on the 6th. Please pray that there will not be any disruptions in air travel; like what was experienced last week with volcanic ash.

This will be a short furlough, because some of the works that have been started this last term need close attention. Our schedule has filled up fast, and there are only a few weeks of open dates. Please pray for us as we will be traveling and raising work support for some projects that the Lord has opened up to our ministry.

It was a big desire of mine, working on the bus routes in Arkansas, to help the children of Kenya who are less fortunate. For a long time, I have been praying and asking God to help this door open to us in order to minister to orphans here; where there is very little assistance from the government to help them. We are trying to teach our churches to try to help where they can; but it is just so little, and the need is so great. We are praying that we could help these orphans with food, clothing, medicine, and schooling as well as spiritual and emotional development. We want to assist them on a monthly basis with basic needs at first. And then when the funds are available, we will help provide a place for them to stay; where they can grow up in a Christian environment. It is sad to say that orphans live as outcasts even when they are living with their as outcasts even when they are living with extended family (grandparents, aunts, or uncles).

Some projected costs for this ministry are:

? Monthly Care Package -($15 per child per month.)

? Daily orphanage care ($30 per child per month.)

? Building costs to build a house on the property of a church already in existence.

Please help us care for these orphans and others, through the work of the churches that have already been established. We will begin this ministry when we return to Kenya in January 2011.

April has been very busy, and we have visited some of our churches. We also had a leadership conference where 56 pastors and leaders from 9 churches came to Kisii. It was a good time for us to fellowship with them and to say good-bye for a while. We also celebrated the 3rd Anniversary for Calvary Baptist Church in Kisii. There were 206 in attendance and several visitors.

Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministries.

Luke and Tonya Shelby

Missionaries in Kenya


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