Prison Ministry

We have started this year off with many good opportunities to preach and teach in the Kisii Prison here in Kisii Town. We have eight men (Pastors & College Students) who are currently assisting us in the Prison Ministry. We are using the Kisii Prison for "Hands on Training" experience for each of these men. Once they have completed their training; they will be ministering in the prisons that are closest to their own home area. Presently there are four prisons in our region of Kenya, but the Kenyan Government is in the process of building more (at least one of these will be completed later this year).

On Thursday, April 23, we were able to hold a service for the general population of Remandees (those still awaiting their trial dates), which totaled approximately 600 men. And we are excited to say that 97 men came forward to receive Christ as their personal Savior. PRAISE the LORD!!! Please take a look at the pictures one of the Officers took for us.

Every Thursday we have Bible Studies with the men who are serving their sentences. And we are going through basic Bible doctrines.

Last year two of the inmates who got saved, started the Bible Study Program. They finished the course completely in about six months. And this month, both of these men have been released back into the "free" world. And we are now working with them through Discipleship programs through churches near their homes. Please pray for their continued growth and strength while trying to adjust back to life with their families and villages.

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