Church Planting

We are church planting missionaries; and we strive to plant indigenous Baptist churches that are self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating. God has allowed us and some of our College graduates to start 18 such churches since we arrived in Kenya in 1999.

We believe that the purpose that God has given us (as Christians) in the “Great Commission” is to witness and see souls saved by the grace of God, to baptize, to edify in the faith, and to grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We also believe that it is the Local Church that was given this “Great Commission” as they were sent out “into all the world” to preach the Gospel of Christ. God has the purpose of the Local Church as His instrument on this earth to fulfill the “Great Commission.” So it is the Local Church that has the authority and responsibility of sending, preaching, winning souls, baptizing, discipling, and edifying the body of Christ.

God has called us to a place where souls need to be saved, a place where Satan has had a stronghold for a long time, and a place where false religions are very strong. Kenyans need the Lord. We have preached to many, and many have been saved (over 5,000 professions); but that is not the end of the “Great Commission.” They need to be discipled. They need to grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. They need a shepherd, a guide, a church and pastor.

That is why God has called us to plant churches in the different villages where people have gotten saved and are willing to be taught. We began to start churches in areas where other pastors needed some encouragement and training to equip them to do the work of the ministry. Our goal is to train the national men, who are called by God; and then to duplicate ourselves in them, so more can be accomplished in the work of God. Another truth is that no one can truly reach the Kenyan people like the Kenyan people themselves. We truly want to develop church planters that will continue this work in their own areas.

We start churches with a national man that has a desire to do the work of the ministry. We then train him in the Bible College as he holds a Bible Study in the area that he wants to minister. After he has finished his training and has begun developing mature believers, then we assist him in market revival meetings, passing out tracts, soul-winning; and when he has a place to meet, then we start a new church. The church is started with the national as the pastor, and we help in overseeing the work and assisting him in teaching and with materials.

In our ministry, God has now allowed us to have churches that are starting churches; and to have a mission program to assist those churches in the beginning stages. We are also seeing those that were saved in the earlier works, finishing Bible College, and going out to start churches also. Nothing is fool-proof, we have learned some lessons the hard way; but I do believe that God is helping us. And it is a just matter of time until we will have independent Baptist Churches covering every corner of our region.

Please take the time to look at what the Lord has done, and we hope that you will be encouraged by it. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.
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