Riot Police Right Outside Our Gate!

(The wall around our house and our gate!)

Tuesday morning, shortly after 8 AM, we heard a mob of people shouting and making lots of noise. When we looked outside, we were VERY surprised to see riot police just a few feet from our gate! The Piki Piki (motorcycle) Taxi Association (one of the main modes of public transportation in our town) was protesting the fact that the police have cracked down on them and have started arresting them. The police have good reason, since the majority of the drivers have never even applied for a driver's license and their motorcycles are not usually licensed or insured either! Anyway, a lot of the drivers got together and put their motorcycles across the roads all over town so that NO traffic could go through. Our house is on the main bypass into town; so where do they decide to put their largest barricade? Right outside our gate!! All of the noise that we heard was actually all of the drivers trying to get away before the police stopped their vehicle and got out. The people you can see in the background had all picked up stones and long sticks, preparing themselves for battle. The police arrested every single person who was holding anything in their hands. There was not enough room in their vehicle, so they had them marching down the road with armed policemen. The whole episode only lasted about 45 minutes, but it was a very tense time for all of us. Our children had been riding their bikes in our driveway (where the gate is!), when we first heard anything. We got everyone inside and locked the doors! I took the pictures from our bedroom window. We praise the Lord for His MIGHTY hand of protection for our family! It during times like these, that we truly know that we have God's faithful people praying for us. Thank you for YOUR prayers! When God lays someone on your heart, please do not hesitate to pray for them; this experience is just one example of how God answers all of our prayers and yours too!

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