July – August 2010 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Friends,                             July—August 2010

Greetings from the Shelby family from Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a couple of meetings here in the area, and we are enjoying traveling as a family during this furlough. We have been in nearly 40 churches, in nine states, and have traveled 10,000 miles since beginning furlough in May. It has been really good to spend quality time with supporting pastors and churches and to report to them about the great things that the Lord has done in Kenya. Continue to pray for traveling mercies for us and for strength in order to be a blessing to every church that we are in.

The kids have had a good time ministering in churches as they sing, help with VBS, and other activities. They have also been able to see the sights as we travel like: the Blue Angels, a couple days at the beach, Montgomery Zoo, Six Flags, fishing, canoeing, seeing different museums and numerous parks, a battleship, Arkansas State Capitol, and several other activities. We also thank God for several families whom we have been able to spend time with in different areas, and for new relationships with Godly families, as well as seeing old friends once again.

It has really been a blessing to explain to our children; to have them understand that all of these churches that we have visited (and the friends that we have met) are responsible for us being able to live in Kenya and to reach the Kenyans with the Gospel; and to help them realize that it is not something that is only dependant on Mom and Dad, but on God through your prayers and support for our family. It is such a blessing for us to see the light of understanding come on in their hearts when they realize that God loves us, and He is taking care of us in all that we do, through each of you.

We have had two supporting churches raise our support, and we have had a few promises of monthly support for our family and ministries. Also the Orphan Ministry has received some offerings that are being put aside for use when we return to the field in January. Other substantial amounts have been promised for the orphans, and we are expecting God to do great things in this project as we, "...visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction."

We have already been helping four orphans, but as soon as we arrive in Kenya we will confirm the other orphans that we will be helping; and we will send character sketches of those children for those of you who are helping individually. If you would be interested in this project please visit our website (www.shelbysinkenya.org) and view the content there, send us an e-mail (info@shelbysinkenya.org), or call (501-258-5573) for more information.

This kind of project has been special to my heart since I was a child and read books about George Mueller and others who depended on God in prayer. They made a difference in the lives of so many young people who would have never had a chance to know about God's love. Also we can thank God for what He has given to us in our own Christian heritage by helping others to experience the love of Christ spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Thank you for your prayers for our family and ministries.

Luke and Tonya Shelby

Missionaries in Kenya

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