February 28, 2013 - Update/Prayer Request

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Dear Praying Friends and Family,

We are doing well, and we are preparing for the upcoming Kenyan Presidential Elections. We are writing to you all to ask you to pray with us about these upcoming elections on Monday, March 4th. We are praying for a peaceful election process and for things to remain peaceful after the new President is sworn into office. Please pray with us concerning this matter.

During the last elections here in Kenya in 2007, we saw widespread violence for nearly 3 months after the elections. And there are still many villages that have not fully recovered from that time, which was 5 years ago. During the last elections, the Kisii area was peaceful; but all roads leading into and out of Kisii were closed off for a full 3 months. No supplies like food and fuel were able to get through during that time. We were also without water, electricity, phone and internet service for a large part of that time as well!

We have prepared for the same this time around, and we have made sure that we have sufficient supplies just in case there is widespread violence again. But we are asking for all of you to pray with us for the country of Kenya and its people during this time. And we will try to get updates to you as we are able to. We have already been trying for three days to get e-mail to go out; so we know that the government is already closing off some communication.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for our family and the country of Kenya during this time.

Serving Him in Kenya,
Luke & Tonya Shelby
Your Missionaries in Kenya
Numbers 6:24
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