Back to Kenya

The series of blog post that you will see over the coming weeks will show a current date, but due to the FULL schedule that we have had since arriving back in Kenya; we have not had time to post regular blog updates. We do apologize for that! We will post the date at the top of each of these new posts showing when the event(s) took place.

June 1, 2016


Preparing to fly back to Kenya this morning, we all are having some mixed emotions. This was our longest time to stay in the USA on a furlough, so we all made new friends and renewed and friendships. And as you know, saying goodbye is never easy. Yet this time is very different for our family…we had to say goodbye to 2 of our own children! Abigail and Breanne both started Bible college during our year on furlough and are staying behind to finish the studies that the Lord has given them to do at this time in their lives. But this is definitely a new phase in all of our lives, and we are thankful that His grace is sufficient!

We would appreciate your prayers for our family during this time of transition.
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