Prayer Request Update #2

Well…Evidently Luke & Caleb did get my arm back into place Sunday night (not a fun experience, but thankful they were brave enough to help try to relieve the pain!).

So, the doctor we saw on Monday gave me stronger pain meds & an anti-inflammatory for the smaller bones that are broken in my hand. The wrist was only dislocated & needs time to heal now that it is back in place.

I was given instructions to not use it at all for a week & use a good wrist brace to keep it in place. There is some tendon, ligament, and nerve damage; and he said those will just need time to heal. So it's like a VERY bad sprain. My pinky and ring finger are not moving at this point due to the damage.

Hoping prayer, rest, massage, & essential oils will get it back to working well again soon. So, We are taking it a day at a time right now. It is well wrapped in a sturdy brace for several weeks for sure, but I'm supposed to go back to the doctor on Friday to re-evaluate the situation.

Thank you for your continued prayers.
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